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Collecting the information for the upgrade

Inspired by the KLX330SM project I am upgrading my Kawasaki KLX250s. I found Bill Blues 351 big bore kit through several different forums and figure that one is the best bet. Now to make heads or tails of the rest of it is the objective of this blog.

OEM’s Still Not Building the Supermoto You Want? Try the KLX330SM on for Size…

The new KLX features include a 330cc kit from Kustom Kraft, Web-Cam Camshafts, Muzzys performance exhaust, Race Tech suspension, Accessories by Wheeling Cycle Supply, handlebars, grips and chain from ProTaper, carbon fiber from Light Speed Performance, sprockets from Sprocket Specialists, custom brake lines from Galfer, new pads from EBC Brakes, Bridgestone BT-090 tires from Motorcycle-Kart Tires, Techmounts, Slime tire protection and Motul lubricants.

Once you got the kit you don’t have to get all the parts listed like this guy talking about the TM36-68 carb.

I have the 330kit with a TM36-68 and I really like it. Pretty much a bolt in affair other than the throttle cables. Some have said that the stock cables (open only) would work mine did not. So I had some custom 4″ longer cables made locally for the carb I am currently using only the open cable. I am having Motion Pro make me 2 custom cables and I am going to use a Motion Pro throttle with the set up.

Main Jet: 130 (stock)
Pilot Jet: 17.5 (stock is a 12.5)
Needle Jet: P-4 (stock is a P-8)
Needle: 9EBY1-50 (stock is a 9DZH6-50)
Needle Clip: 3rd slot from top (middle position)
Fuel/Air Screw: 2 turns out
A/P Pump Timing: Starts at 1/8 throttle and stops at 3/4 throttle
A/P Squirter: Pointed directly at the needle (fuel should splash off the needle)
Airbox lid removed – K&N air filter

This is the jetting that I am using with the 330 kit, some guys from Suncup came up with this set up and my bike runs great with it!!

KLX330R, Ported head, TM36-68, Muzzy exhaust, DS kit, 2003 KX 500 forks, Full STROKER rear susp, etc… 🙂

For Sale

Here is an upgraded klx250s to 330 red one for sale in Reno for $3900 firm!

Heres more KLX250s’s For Sale including another KK330 mod in texas.

Bill Blue

B and B Cycle Restorations


$527.45 351 kit
$175.00 core charge returnable when I receive your cylinder. You can send me your cylinder & not pay the core charge.
$55.45 shipping & insurance.
Payment can be made by postal money order or pay pal if you use pay pal you will need to add 4% for pay pal service charges.
My web site is http://www.bandbcyclerestoration
The stock KLX 250S puts out 17 HP the KLX 250SF puts out 19 HP. My owne personal bike puts out 34 HP.
351 kit, over size intake valves, ported head, custom exhaust, TM36 pumper carb, KDX 200 snorkel, modified crankcase vent on regular grade pump gas.



Mikuni TM33 Carburetor bored to 34mm, direct replacement, uses stock throttle cable, fits KLX250,300,331,340 and 351, with T handle air/fuel screw adjuster. $392.45

Custom Exhaust Systems $550.00 plus shipping

Aluminum Skid Plate $175.00

Aluminum Block Off Plate $9.50

KDX Snorkel $29.95

Braided stainless Steel front Brake line $63.95

Braided stainless Steel rear Brake line $38.95

B and B Cycle Restoration

Call (316)640-3629 for pricing and availability and ask for Bill Blue

KDX200 Snorkel

Mikuni TM36 pumper carb Mikuni TM36-68 $355.00

FSW300 header

2 Brothers Racing 300 KLX slip on
Full exhaust system M-7 Aluminum…$549 or M-7 Carbon Fiber…$659

FMF Exhaust 2009 KLX250s

KLX250 fuel tanks from

Scorpion RADIATOR GUARD KLX 250S (09-12) $100

Scorpion Skid Plate Kawasaki KLX 250/250S $100

K&N Filter

KLX250S Mods Thread Index

The free mods

remove air box lid, rejet the carb with a dyno jet kit, drill the slide in the carb, open the crank case vent, a 13t counter shaft.

Dynojet kits

Removing the KLX250S backfire screen!


TM36-68 jetting for big bore KLX250S

Klx250s Muzzy exhaust/kdx200 snorkel Mods please help me.

Keihin 35mm FCR on KLX250S

Dan Moore

Dan Moore’s KLX250S Page

D Pippin

Here I just found a nice KLX250s page with current updating (apr 2012).

He starts with the sprocket, fuel tanks and 2 service manuals! Then skid plates and radiator guards. The downloads section kick ass I mean I was unable to get so much info myself so he saves us a lot of work in this alone! Good man!

Then he goes on with carburetor removal and talks about how to rejet with parts! Invaluable IMO! And more mods!

Then he goes to exhaust! To save money he just used a klx 300 pipe I love the option!

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  1. Excellent comments and well documented! I’ve done almost the exact same mods you did!

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